Scenes from Belihuloya


Belihuloya is a scenic village situated in the Rathnapura district, 600m above sea level and south of the central hills. It is uniquely located within the island, where upcountry meets low-country, and wet zone meets dry zone.  Belihuloya is famous for its mountains, waterfalls, streams, and rolling mists at dawn, as seen above. Seen below are the same hills at midday, illuminated by the bright contrasting sky.


Here is a closeup of the Oya (stream) itself, famous for the cool refreshing feeling one gets if one is bold enough to take a dip in it. Hundreds do every day, especially during warm weather.


The Belihuloya hills are famous for a rare beauty of nature, the Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot, a small but beautiful parrot endemic to the island and found in abundance in this region.


The hills are sometimes enveloped by thick cloud, rendering a strange, gloomy but awe inspiring feel to the place. This view was captured just outside the famous Belihuloya Rest House, a convenient rendezvous point  for explorers of this region.


The hillsides are lined with tall, majestic looking pines.


Belihuloya is a place not to be missed during a visit to the island, if you love the great outdoors.

Story | Ruwan Rajapakse

Photography | Nilu Rajapakse (Hills, Stream, Hanging Parrot, Trees), Ruwan Rajapakse (Mist)

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